82% anticipate: - 0RootThe market is mixed in main area technical area, grow with value between the choice kink4% anticipate: 2Liu Saimin of vice-chairman of branch of travel of seminar of future of travel expert, China is accepting 21 centuries economy to report when to the reporter is interviewed, express, the difference that holiday season counts is the objective cause that causes two afore-mentioned data to recover plan occurrence differenceAs appear on the market half annals showed the company 2020 the drawing near of time, partial outstanding achievement is better grow or get accordingly of capital chase after hold in both handsThe conference points out, hold to gross policy measurable, stimulative finance and hypostatic economy are benign circulate, complete

the market prise hard doorsill than before 200 billion yuan, adjust this reduced market prise demand, raised soft level, namely market prise above of 20 billion yuan of RMBs, and have own research and development, international banner technology, capability of innovation of science and technology is stronger, the person of the same trade is in position of relative dominant position in industry competitionOn June 29 11:08 in autograph of government of Han Xinzhou of Gu Yuwu of light produced by electricity builds this world about 2 billion yuan patrol wisdom builds cereal of the light produced by electricity in central project to announce through Guan Wei, on June 28, its and Wuhan city are new government of continent division people signs investment cooperation agreement, investment is planned 2 billion yuan in developing zone of economy of in relief patrol " in Gu Zhi of light produced by electricity builds a center (in relief patrol) " , key around new generation IT, energy-saving environmental protection, medical treatmentThe collaboration of knowing and doing and high heart does not involve Wenyuan to pay fee to the other side, this is a bilateral and joint investment and participation long-term cooperation "2%


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The play staff inside city of movie and TV elephantine mountain and city of Hengdian movie and TV films upsurge, feel glad inside your course of study undoubtedly, and although base of other movie and TV has not enter state of go back to work completely, but already also entered the phase that advances in order at present

(article origin: Shanghai negotiable securities signs up for) (responsibility edits: DF512) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footingSecondly, the Central Bank will continue to maintain liquidity reasonable and abundant


Feng forgive introduces controller of research center of hornet's nest travel, at present place swims the consumptive group of the product had bigger change before relativelyAccording to reporter range estimation, compare right now with in former years, the tourist in airport of United States orchid is apparently little a lot of

On June 29 06:55 debt configuration attacks and defence have both invest 2 step debt radical comes true " firm closes + " since this year May, bond market drops continuously, product of bank conduct financial transactions appears negative accrual, monetary fund earnings falls broken 1Wu Qing of members of standing committee of Shanghai municipal Party committee, deputy mayor expresses, this year the circumstance that each domains are challenged leaves 1~5 month, shanghai integrated circuit goes against force growth, sales revenue achieves the growth of 38