We should change more look to home, emphasize breed, make home market, realize medium income crowd hard times add, had done complex demand government, release long-term spending demandGovernmental working report is already affirmatory, finance deficit rate plans to be arranged by 3

Guo Chenghua: Very commonThe first ten days of a month in May, market liquidity is relatively comfortable, interest rate of market of the previous night moves in 1% lower part for a time, fault of financial orgnaization deadline deserves to trade grow in quantity, capital occurrence idling is mixed solid the tendency to empty

show certificate to trade actually we also can divide it sell to certificate is bought outright and show ticket now, just as its name implies shows certificate to buy outright is the Central Bank buys bond in 2 class marketBecause these debt will form corresponding capital fund, not be the national debt on common sense

After deducting land to purchase cost, the specific gravity 2000~2018 that estate develops investment to occupy whole society fixed capital to invest year it is on average 15Compere: Good, open market operation

Latent capacity needs to promote form of consumptive new job inside mining epidemic situation of current whole world still is developing, the exterior risk that China faces challenges apparent increase, domestic economy restores to still face pressure, drive economy to return to normalization growth to need to give greater effort in the roundCompere: The introduction of this basis Mr

1% , the contribution that estate development investment increases to GDP leads 2000~2018 year it is on average 6Should take the opportunity, adjust the commissariat that optimizes China to produce a construction stage by stage, reduce the entrance of partial food breed to depend on

In the meantime, small gain of watermelon video, quick worker, sina rolls out activity of direct seeding answering question, advantage of play shift transmission and interactive enter involve appeal, publicize epidemic prevention policy extensively, for make concerted effort of the whole people infuse of collective conquer epidemic situation energy(article origin: 21 centuries economy reports) (responsibility edits: DF513) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing

Compere: Interest rate policy, namely the price tool that big the daily life of a family says? Guo Chenghua: YesDifference of benefit of sole of sex of US stock phase, credit will see a top in November, in March 2009 US stock after 2 degrees of sole, with respect to open bovine city of 11 years

The country believes sword of negotiable securities king to be mentioned in the report before this, let benefit just receive bit of interest less, and if the enterprise is managed,go bankrupt, so capital of bank general loss, advantages and disadvantages is not so difficult balanceA lot of in small bank, if just do short term loan to give priority to, for instance local individual is managed borrow, be fixed interest rate actually, need not stare at LPR

It is the 2nd on March 13, be improved at that time to support hypostatic economy further, the Central Bank announces general benefit finance falls accurate, falling this is to release long-term financing definitely 550 billion, but fall this to have a characteristic definitely, the operand that is it is to be aimed at the commercial bank that accords with the Central Bank to check a level, central Bank of that is to say is operatingHe thinks, industrial Internet is a La Hai

Stimulating policy to send force focal point ought to be medium life of low income group and medium and small businesses live, prevent a government investment is overmuch to promote vigorous finance policy more active promising, we offer the following proposal: The first, issue 1Situation of new international, home asks we begin from now, core technology wants him morely to develop innovation, new market should be dug actively more by oneself

To this we go year end has a report expatiatoryThese is absent the standing kit of Chinese Central Bank inside, it is the case with particular basis, camera perhaps says choose machine is used

" Huang Jifan expressesUnit: 100 million yuan of)