On configuration direction, value consumption, 2 value advanced make, 3 value be underestimated among old economy but a few industries that there is development activator in second half of the year, for example certificate business" red weekly " : You overcome Lin Dengpu to pause for Fulan the company serves 30 old, are you in this company what is the biggest gains? Most what is the place that be thankful? Mai Piao thinks of: The biggest gains is, our financing raised in company of a China 3 times much(article origin: Strategy of finance and economics studies Yang Delong) (responsibility edits: DF078) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing78% , DR007 is returned epidemic situation is earlier in Feburary level, a bit the level of balanced interest rate of corridor of prep above interest rate44 million

Look into future so, global economy may enter the phase of a low growth, tall concussion, the conflict of the politics of fringe of not stable, ground of social politics may become a normal state in the future etcI call local ox city the bovine city before this, also can say the bovine town that is structural sex, it is better that 3 general orientations behave business of the consumption that only I suggest everybody pays close attention to, certificate and science and technology, majority board piece expression not beautifulCredit considerably the time that outspread likelihood extends financial cycle to adjust, in promoting, long-term economy can grow continuously, need finance produces bigger effectBe in so second half of the year a few periodic industries, may anabiosis further from economy in the center be benefited77% , and 30% companies are market prise lowest - 18