• On June 29 12:1Handling capacity of passenger of odd-numbered days of far airport of peace of 0 pieces of members of a family breaks through 2000 person-time on June 20, airport of Zhang Jia mouth falls since safeguard airliner in all 20 sortie, passenger handling capacity 2332 person-timeOn June 29 12:08 Shenzhen " add project of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two investment newly " 163 first projects are started centrally on June 29, shenzhen city " add project of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two investment newly " 163 first projects are started centrally, total investment makes an appointment with one hundred and thirty-five billion one hundred and ten million yuan, this year plans to invest about 28

  • Especially in recent years national policy guides continuously, encourage box of promotion intelligence expressOn June 29 12:25 Ministry of Education: Countrywide obligation teachs person of student of phase discontinue one's studies to count month of closer than dropping last year 99% 6 29 days, cover journalist learns from Ministry of Education, the 10 branches such as Ministry of Education combined print and distribute recently " accuse cease to protect about be being strengthened further learn what perfect and compulsory education has safeguard to grow effect mechanism to work a certain number of opinions " (abbreviation " opinion " )

  • On June 29 12:1The 7 appropriate that do not have stannum promote 320 million yuan of sell one's own things of city 2 residences use ground gross area one hundred and eighty-two thousand eight hundred smooth on June 29, jiangsu province starts city without stannic city appropriate with hanging out one's shingle 2 residences use means success sell one's own things the ground, area of total sell one's own things 182778 ㎡, total initial value two hundred and ninety-four million four hundred and thirty thousand yuan, assembly pays price three hundred and twenty million four hundred and thirty thousand yuanForsythia suspensa has clear hot detoxify, detumescence to disband, fall blood pressure, fall the effect such as hematic fat, it is one of a large amount of home's most commonly used 40 kinds of medicinal materials

  • The article such as film of chaffy dish, lipstick, calendar, face, tea service starts a product, let the Imperial Palace become a super IP, besides these, " on new · the Imperial Palace " " I repair cultural relic in the Imperial Palace " wait for a batch of TV programs, more curiosa of the ancient construction that allows the Imperial Palace, cultural relic encircle pink in the youth for a time countless, income is more considerable alsoLi Hong letter is elected as president of Inc

  • Industry and spokesman of informatization ministry news, move monitor Huang Libin of harmonious bureau director 20 days to introduce on news briefing of office of news of the State Council, go back to work of medium and small businesses answer produce have 3 characteristics93% , rank great wisdom to go up a front row of a list of names posted up

  • Nomination committee committee member is adjusted for Lou Aidong, Zhang Jianxin, Chen Xu east, Li Jialong, Du Sheng; Firewood fulfil and assessment committee committee member are adjusted for Zhang Jianxin, Lou Aidong, old Xu Dong, Li Jialong, Du Sheng; Committee member of National Audit Office is adjusted for old Xu Dong, Zhang Jianxin, Lou Aidong, Du Sheng, Yang MingcaiThe court is maintained, chu Mou of the accused person east, Han Mou, Cao Mou, Qiu Mou is marred arbitrarily solely, take up for many times other property, the clue is serious, its behavior already all made provoke affray crime, among them Chu Mou east belong to get together other to be carried out for many times, play havoc with social order

  • 44% , short-term loan remaining sum is one hundred and sixteen thousand seven hundred yuan, long-term loan remaining sum is 189 million yuan" Tian Shili also thinks in announcement, lead through selling assets of day person sale will reduce asset effectively to be in debt, improve a company to manage sexual cash to flow

  • (consumptive daily net) on June 24, guild of Shandong province papermaking holds congress of the 7th member and annual meeting of trade of papermaking of 2020 complete provinces"Add project of one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two investment newly " first project is in 10 areas (new developed area) have distributing

  • Evening released Tian Shili on June 14 " major asset sells transaction (draft) " show, tian Shili and meantime receive pilot 6 companies draft the price with 1formerer inform a book to plan mediumly to punish measure, partial personnel is reduced or remit, reflected card inspect the scientific sex that meeting administration executes the law

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